Introduction Bot Travian Strategy

This software is a tool to help online game Travian . Supported all of Travian servers and with one purchase you can play all servers with each account that you want .
We have been working on features and functionality to increase or improve strategy Travian . Users who purchased the license bot, they can use all updates for free.

Download free version of TRAVIAN STRATEGY ( demo )

Current capability :

Search Farm Professional

1. Professional scan the map and add occupied oasis, not occupied oasis, occupied oasis empty of animals .

2. Professional scan map and add NATARS and PLAYERS with special filters .

3. Identification deactive players for raid whithout loss .

Professional Raid :

1. Raiding farm lists account whith setting special . example : reports GREEN , YELLOW , RED , FULL , HALF FULL , EMPTY , ...

2. Check all oasiss to empty of animals before sending raids .

Upgrading Recources And Building :

1. You can once add tasks and lists of buildings, all buildings to improve.

Programing Capabilities :

1. Auto-trained forces with the schedule of the user's side. Progress 47%

2. Insider trading route between the villages and the villages of other players. Progress 0%

Pay with PayPal

To ensure the security of the payment, Paypal payment used.

After payment and purchase the product in any way do not refund , Because before buy the bot, all of its features for 10 days free . Order product means complete satisfaction .

Activation is done only on systems that enter the serial number.

If there is a technical problem on your behalf, we'll try to fix the problem and do the update for free.

Support center whith Skype online

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Without payment ,use for 10 days from all of the capabilities of TRAVIAN STRATEGY .

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